Indoor cats

Keeping a cat confined indoors for all of its life has a number of benefits (no cat fights, no cars or roads to negotiate, no running away or getting lost) but there are also some potential problems that can accompany this living arrangement. The Indoor Cat Initiative looks at how best to make this situation work well for you and your cat. It addresses: litter trays and inappropriate toileting, nail trimming and furniture scratching, managing changes and stressors. 

Three useful points to note:

1. the number of litter trays for indoor cats is the number of cats plus one. So, if you have two cats, you would need three litter trays

2. if your cat refuses to use a scratching post and insists on using your furniture, his nails can be trimmed once a week [get us to show you how to do it the first time]

3. cats like to have a perch - they like to be up high where they can see what is going on around them and feel safe 


Cat Age

Want to calculate your cat's biological age in human years? Try this out: CatAge - it makes a calculation based on your cat's health, risk of disease and behaviour and also gives information on how you can help your cat live longer.




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